Do I Need Therapy? Take our Quiz!

Published April 3, 2024 by Zencare Team

If you’ve been struggling with your mental health recently, you might be asking yourself, do I need therapy? Zencare has created a quiz to help you sort out how you’ve been feeling, and if you could benefit from therapy.

With the right provider, anyone can benefit from therapy. There are many reasons why someone could be drawn to or begin therapy. Some people do so because they meet the criteria for a specific mental health condition like anxiety or trauma. Some people start therapy because they have the goal to improve their well-being — this can include learning to build healthy habits or improve communication skills. And many people also just enjoy having another person to lean on in their support system.

If any of these reasons strike a chord with you, then you could benefit from therapy!

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A few things to note about therapy and a journey to improving your well-being and mental health:

Your mental health and well-being are important and deserve care and the energy you spend on growth and improvement. If therapy is the path you choose to achieve that, we support you! Take our quiz below to see if we can help answer the question “do I need therapy?” and help you with your next steps, whatever they may be.

Do I Need Therapy Quiz

We developed this quiz alongside a licensed therapist, however this is not indicative of any clinical diagnosis. This is a screening tool that will help you recognize and understand if therapy might be beneficial for you.

Do I see a therapist? What’s next?

If your results indicate that you could benefit from therapy, and you feel good about that — here are some next steps you can take and some additional resources that you might find helpful!

  1. Do some self-reflection. What do you want to work on in therapy? Do you have a particular issue like anxiety or depression you want to work on? If not, maybe think of some goals for yourself like habits you want to change or something you want to work towards. Check out our blog post How to Set Therapy Goals to learn more!
  2. Decide what’s important for you to have in a therapist. The client-therapist fit is one of the most important parts of therapy. If you don’t like your therapist, it’s going to get in the way of your goals. So, what’s important to you? Someone who shares your identity? Someone who takes your insurance? Someone who has a particular specialty? Make a short list of your criteria. Check out our blog post How to Find the Right Therapist for You to learn more!
  3. Begin your search. Zencare makes it easy to find a therapist who matches your criteria and is licensed in the state you live in. Use our filters to narrow down your search by the criteria you came up with earlier. You can even “favorite” providers with a heart to save them for later if you want to come back to them. DIRECT LINK TO SEARCH HERE. Check out our resource How to Find a Therapist to learn more!
  4. Reach out to a therapist. All therapists on Zencare offer free 15-minute consultations. You can set these consultations up with any therapists you’re interested in learning more about. Check out our blog post What To Expect on Your Initial Phone Consult With a Therapist to learn more!
  5. Schedule your first appointment. Once you’ve completed your consultations, and you’ve decided which therapist is your best fit — schedule your first appointment! This first appointment will be an intake appointment, you can ask your therapist what to expect in this appointment. Congratulations on starting therapy! Check out our blog post You've had your first therapy appointment. Now what? to learn more!

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