20 Mindfulness Practices and Activities

Do you ever wish that you could press pause on life? That time would stand still and the people around you would stop to give you space to breathe? With everything around you frozen, you could relax into your mind, focusing less on what’s happening around you and more on what’s happening inside of you.

Life doesn’t come with a pause button, but our minds and bodies innately come with the ability to slow down. We can do this through mindfulness, which is a state of being through which you shift your attention to what is going on in your immediate external and internal environment. The key to mindfulness is to do this without judgment and to simply allow yourself to flow with heightened awareness.

Mindfulness takes on many different forms — you don’t need a yoga mat or the flexibility to sit cross-legged to engage with mindfulness practices. We’ve brought together twenty mindfulness techniques, resources, activities and exercises for you so you can further your mindfulness practice.

Graphic with 4 illustrations showing people practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness activities for the everyday

To begin, let’s explore mindfulness for the everyday — that is, mindfulness exercises that you can add to your daily routine for a comprehensive and regular mindfulness practice. Many people find it beneficial to set aside 15-30 minutes each day for meditation, however you only need as little as 60 seconds to effectively complete a mindfulness exercise.

When looking for mindfulness activities for the everyday, start with these:

Mindfulness activities for moments of overwhelm

One of the most effective uses of mindfulness exercises is in moments of overwhelm. Because mindfulness inherently shifts your attention, it can help you to calm down when you’re experiencing distress.

Here are a few mindfulness exercises you can use when you’re feeling overwhelmed:

Mindfulness activities for when you’re not at home

Mindfulness isn’t simply for quiet moments at home. You can complete mindfulness exercises when you’re at work, on your way to a friend’s house, while grocery shopping — anytime is a good time to pay attention to your current experience.

When you’re out-and-about, try some of these mindfulness exercises:

Mindfulness activities for kids

Mindfulness isn’t just for adults — many studies show that children and young people can benefit from mindfulness practices, even at very young ages. Setting up a mindfulness practice at an early age can lead to a lifelong enjoyment of a focused, calm mind and body.

To support a child or young person practice mindfulness, here are a few simple mindfulness activities for kids:

Mindfulness activities for relationships

Lastly, mindfulness practices can greatly help people in relationships to remain present in each other’s company and refocus around common goals.

Mindfulness resources

There are many excellent mindfulness resources to lean on if you would like to learn more about mindfulness or want help starting or continuing a mindfulness practice. Depending on your preferred medium, here are a few resources to check out:

Mindfulness Apps

Mindfulness Videos

Yoga for mindfulness

Mindfulness Books

Mindfulness Articles

Hopefully a handful of these mindfulness exercises give you a few options to pick from as you further your mindfulness practice. Mindfulness can be an incredibly powerful mental tool to use in any situation, and its adaptability and versatility makes it a worthwhile well-being endeavor.

If you’re looking for additional support in furthering your mindfulness practice, there are many therapists who specialize in mindfulness-based therapy approaches. Many of the therapists listed in Zencare’s therapist directory offer therapy and mindfulness counseling to strengthen the mind-body connection and can help you deepen your ability to shift your attention inwards with self-compassion, without judgment.