List Of Mantras: 6 Mindful Chants To Welcome The New Year

Despite the “new year, new you” mentality that often springs forth as the calendar year resets, radical change doesn’t happen overnight – it’s the byproduct of consistent, intentional effort. One such way to strengthen your own journey to positive growth? Incorporating self-empowering mantras to your daily routine!

Mantras, in effect, allow you space and time to elevate yourself from thought patterns that might be keeping you stuck in stagnancy or negativity.

Additionally, studies reveal that practicing “minimally demanding repetitive speech” is calming. In other words, having a mantra handy allows you to self-soothe and recalibrate, especially upon encountering internal or external resistance to progress.

Here are mantras to usher in 2019, and maintain positivity throughout the year:

1. Sat Nam

If you’ve practiced Kundalini yoga before, you might already be familiar with Sat Nam, since it’s a staple of the practice.

Sat Nam is a powerful mantra that can be utilized across various situations. It is interpreted as “truth is my identity.” So when you’re saying Sat Nam, essentially, you are reminding yourself: I am not the subconscious thought patterns – I am myself beyond all of that.

Sat Nam can be used for anyone who has a hard time staying true to themselves, or anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression.

If you sit and chant Sat Nam either mentally or out loud, you can focus on the breath at the navel and say the mantra in rhythm with the breath.

Inhale “Sat,” exhale “Nam.”

2. Sa Ta Na Ma

Sa Ta Na Ma is a derivative of Sat Nam – it’s almost as if Sat Nam is an atom, and upon splitting it open, you’d find Sa Ta Na Ma.

When the mantra is used as a meditation – a practice known as the Kirtan Kriya technique – it may have potential to reverse memory loss, according to some studies.

To turn this mantra into a meditation, repeat the four sounds: Sa, Ta, Na, Ma, while touching your thumb to your index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and pinky finger, respectively. Perform these motions out loud for two minutes, in a whisper for two minutes, in silence for four minutes, in a whisper for two more minutes, and then out loud for two minutes.

If you are having trouble sleeping, you can say the mantra before falling asleep: Sa Ta on the inhale, Na Ma on the exhale, until you fall asleep. This mantra can also be said mentally all day long – while walking or doing any activity.

3. Wahe Guru

Wahe Guru is a versatile mantra that significantly helps a person uplift their mental state. It is reputed to transform negative, dark energy into bright, uplifted energy.

Wahe Guru is often used instead of, for example, an expletive, particularly in incidences of extreme and immediate duress.

Alternatively, it can be internally chanted all day, to cause a dramatic and positive shift in consciousness.

4. Ang Sang Wahe Guru

Ang Sang Wahe Guru is a great mantra to help with self esteem, self-healing, and confidence building.

It is translated as “the dynamic, living ecstasy of the universe is dancing within every cell of me.” As it’s a comforting mantra, it may help to eliminate haunting and disturbing habitual thoughts.

5. Lakshman Lakshman Lakshman Lakshman Ong Ong Lakshman

This longer mantra is one of prosperity. It can be chanted daily to encourage holding onto the goodness and wealth that we already have – as well as attracting wealth into our lives.

This mantra can be both listened to, and chanted along with, the artists of White Sun. Listen: Lakshman by White Sun.

6. Victory

This powerful English word can also be used as a mantra! Try saying it mentally for self-encouragement when faced with a challenging question or moment.