therapy terms

The therapy and psychology world is chockfull of jargon! Here are some definitions to understand terms you may be unsure of.

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A copay is the set fee you pay at every medical session, including therapy. Learn more about how to figure out your copay amount, when and how to pay it, and examples of typical copay situations.

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In-Network Therapist

An in-network therapist has a contract with your health insurance company to accept a set fee for every session. Learn more about this type of treatment!

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Learn about "what out of network" means, how much therapy sessions cost when they're out of network, and why you might want to consider this type of care!

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Therapeutic Alliance

The therapeutic alliance refers to the idea of a strong, productive relationship between therapist and client. Learn more about the therapeutic alliance, including examples, benefits, and how to gauge in your own relationship with your therapist.

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Out-of-pocket maximum

Using your insurance benefits to pay for therapy can involve all kinds of unfamiliar terms and phrases. We’re here to explain the idea of an

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Your deductible is the amount you pay toward covered healthcare services before your insurance starts to cover costs for those services. Once you meet your deductible

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Attachment Theory

The central idea of attachment theory is that humans are born with a biological drive to develop a deep emotional bond with their caregiver – a bond that extends beyond having basic physical needs met.

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