Cognitive Behavioral Therapy NYC: Find CBT Therapists Near You

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a skill-based approach to talk therapy. In CBT, you’ll work with your therapist to learn techniques to better deal with concerns such as anxiety and depression. The goal of CBT is to replace negative thought patterns and their residual actions with empowering behaviors that allow you to overcome difficult moments.

CBT can be especially helpful for New Yorkers who are goal oriented, like to build skills, and independently implement changes. It can also be a useful approach for busy New Yorkers because it is designed to be a shorter form of treatment.

To learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy in NYC, read on for a breakdown of costs, how to use health insurance, and what to look for in a provider!

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Health insurance for CBT therapists in NYC

Find a CBT therapist in NYC who accepts your insurance below.

CBT therapists in Manhattan who take insurance

CBT therapists in Brooklyn who take insurance

Can't find your health insurance, or many CBT therapists listed?

Many therapists choose not to take health insurance – aka be “in-network” with health insurances – for a number of reasons, including low reimbursement rates from health insurance companies and privacy concerns.

If you cannot find a therapist who takes your health insurance, consider paying out-of-pocket (on average $150 to $250 per session in NYC for CBT therapists) or use sliding scale fees, as explained below.

Sliding Scale Therapy in NYC, including CBT

Sliding scale” fees refer to the range of session fees that a therapist is willing to accept for clients with limited resources.

For instance, a therapist's standard session fee might be $150 per session – but they might offer a sliding scale cost of $100 - $150, depending on your ability to pay. This means that when possible, they’ll work flexibly within your budget, and offer lower fees to help you receive mental health care.

Find cognitive behavioral therapists who offer sliding scales in NYC below.

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How much does CBT in NYC cost?

If you cannot find a therapist who takes your health insurance, you would pay for therapy sessions out of pocket; in these cases, cognitive behavioral therapy in NYC costs on average $150 to $250 per session. If you find a therapist who takes your health insurance, you may only pay a copay at each session, which typically ranges from $20 to $40 per session.

Therapists who do not take your health insurance are called "out-of-network therapists"; they charge on average between $150 and $250 per session. You would pay the session fee at the time of the appointment. This fee range is in line with other types of therapy, such as psychodynamic therapy.

If you find an in-network provider who takes your health insurance, your health insurance company pays for the majority of the session fee. This means you only pay the regular copay rates, which usually range from $20 to $40 per session for mental health appointments, including cognitive behavioral therapy. However, if you have a high deductible health insurance plan, you may need to pay the full session fee at each appointment until your health insurance starts to pay for sessions.

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How to afford CBT in NYC within your budget

If you do not have the financial means to afford the typical NYC therapy fees out of pocket, there are a number of ways to afford therapy on a budget, including:

1. Sliding scale

Sliding scales are a flexible rate per session based on your income.

2. Using out-of-network benefits

Whenever possible, try not to limit your therapist search by just searching for in-network insurance. By using out-of-network benefits, you can typically have a portion of each session fee reimbursed by your insurance company, opening up benefits like affordability and a quicker start date.

If you are seeing an out-of-network psychologist or therapist, you can also:

  1. Apply for reimbursement using your health insurance’s out-of-network benefits
  2. Inquire with the the therapist to see if they offer a “sliding scale” (see section above)

What to look for in CBT therapists in NYC

Here are some qualifications and characteristics to look for in a cognitive behavioral therapist in NYC:

Issues that CBT can help New Yorkers with

CBT can be helpful for a number of issues that are common to NYC, including:

What to expect in CBT sessions in NYC

In your first session, you’ll work with your therapist to identify which patterns of thinking and behavior contribute to negative moods.

In subsequent sessions, you will learn behavioral techniques based on the identified patterns of thinking. These techniques will be designed to support the process of changing your thoughts and emotional experiences.

There are many CBT techniques, including:

The above examples are just a few approaches to CBT – you and your therapist will determine which ones are right for your situation and needs.

To learn more about finding a therapist in NYC, including therapists who practice other therapy types like psychoanalytic therapy, read our Ultimate Guide To Finding A Therapist In NYC.