12 Lifestyle Magazines + Blogs That Care About Millennials’ Mental Health

The internet has busted open new doors for talking about mental health. Whether it’s an app, service, or thoughtful blog, technology constantly evolves to help us erase stigmas and broach mental health in new ways.

Case in point? These 12 blogs and magazines, all of which shine a light on millennial mental health through their own unique messages and missions.


1. Girls’ Night In

This Friday newsletter is the love note your inbox has been waiting for. With self-care tips, interviews with professional women about work/life balance, and a blog choc full of advice on being present, dealing with anxiety and work stress, and finding balance, Girls’ Night In is perfect for the woman unafraid of FOMO – and who wants to make self-care a priority.

2. Optimistic Millennial

Work is often a huge factor in overall mental health, which is why we love Optimistic Millennial. Launched in 2015 by Kaytie Zimmerman, Optimistic Millennial offers millennials an online space to learn about how to succeed in their finances and careers.

The site and newsletter also provides tools to bridge the gap between millennials and other generations in the workforce, by combating the negative stereotypes often associated with millennials. Find tips for job hunting like a pro, plus managing work stress and financial anxiety.

3. The Fabulous Co

What started as a conversation between friends about habits and productivity has now turned into The Fabulous Co, an online tool to help you reset your habits, rewire your brain, and tap into your inner potential.

The blog offers success stories and tips and tools for effective behavior change, such as building self-esteem, thinking positively, and finding health and happiness — and this fun quiz on whether you’re living your dream life!

4. Moodpath Magazine

Moodpath is an app that helps you assess your mental health, track and reflect moods, and improve your overall mental well-being. The site has an informative magazine with personal essays from writers about a range of mental being topics, such as dealing with depression in a relationship, or how anxiety can impact workflow.

5. Happify

Like a smile in your browser, Happify is there to help you overcome stress and negative thoughts. Get lifted with their online magazine covering “feel good” news, plus blog posts about self-care, ridding yourself of negative self-talk, and overcoming adversity.

6. Pause by Zeel

Can’t book an actual massage? The Zeel blog, Pause, may just be the next best thing. With lifestyle and massage ideas, plus an entire section devoted to wellness at work, every article provides an opportunity to pause and focus on self-care.

7. Muse

Muse is an app that tracks your mental well-being. The blog doles out thought content on neuroscience, meditation, and relevant technology.

Find stories on meditation tips, books on meditation, and the impact of meditation on emotional intelligence and leadership potential.

8. Mood Factory

Mood Factory is a female-owned business that provides products and courses focused on improving mood. Happiness, tranquility, energy, and serenity are the goal and the emphasis of the blog. Find posts on strategies for serenity, quotes about tranquility, and how to gift happiness to loved ones.

9. basenotes by Vitruvi

The clean aesthetic of this lifestyle blog by essential oils company Vitruvi will soothe you on sight.

That, coupled with its tagline – “only the essentials” – will encourage you to take care of yourself so you can take on the world.

From weekend DIY ideas (hello, dyed flowers), reading lists, to city-based healthy guides, curl up with blog posts that inspire you to carve out little moments of wellness for yourself.

10. Humm.ly

Humm.ly is the first ever music-focused wellness app, with a mission to make mindfulness fun and attainable – through, yup, music! Read through the blog for stories on how music aids mindfulness and self-care, and how it counteracts burnout.

11. Yoga Medicine

Whether you’re a seasoned yogini, haven’t so much as unrolled a yoga mat, or somewhere in-between, Yoga Medicine has tips on incorporating the ancient practice for your personal wellness. Their resources include topics with range like seasonal asanas, ideas for healthily “letting go,” and the right meditation for your personality.

12. Zencare

Mental health is the name of our game! Our blog (that’s where you are right now!) brings the latest in mental wellness news, intros to different therapy types, and more. Ready to take the next step on your journey to mental health? Check the Zencare’s therapist directory, where you can find vetted therapists in your area. Watch their introductory videos and book free initial calls with the therapist who’s right for you. We’re rooting for you!