7 Cups (7cupsoftea): A Comprehensive Review

Published: March 1, 2019 by Zencare Team

7 Cups (also known as 7Cupsoftea) is a site for anonymous messaging with peer listeners or therapists. They describe themselves as “the world’s largest emotional support system,” and try to cultivate a supportive and caring community of users.

Learn more about 7 Cups, including what both the free and paid platforms entail, and pros/cons of both, in our review below.

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What is 7cupsoftea?

7cupsoftea is a website where you can connect 1-on-1 with peers, join group chats, and pay to message with professional therapists. You can also set mental health goals and track your progress.

Here are some helpful things to know about 7 Cups:

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How does 7cupsoftea work?

You message either peer listeners for free or therapists for a fee. To choose either a therapist or a peer listener, you can browse profiles and choose someone with interests or expertise that appeal to you. Whether you message with peers or a therapist, you can choose to remain anonymous. You can also complete self-growth exercises on your own, and track progress on your profile.


When looking for a “Listener” to chat with, first-time users are encouraged to take an emotional wellness test. After this assessment, you can choose a listener’s profile and send them a message to start chatting. You can develop an ongoing messaging relationship with a listener, or just talk to them for a short period of time.


Similar to listeners, you can browse therapist profiles to find someone who seems like a good fit for you. You can also view reviews from past clients on a 5-star scale.

How do you sign up for 7cupsoftea?

You can sign up for a free account with just an email address. Once you have an account, you can connect with peers and groups for free, or pay to message with a therapist. If you choose a therapist, you will need to enter more information about yourself, as well as payment information.

Before you connect with a therapist, a “bot” from the site conducts an intake interview with you through direct messaging. It asks about your history of therapy, what your current struggles are, and other general information so your therapist will have an idea of what you are looking for.

Then, you are asked to share personal identification information like name and address, as well as payment information. This personal information will not be shared with other listeners or with your therapist.

Is 7cupsoftea free?

The cost of 7 Cups depends on which plan you choose. The online community is free to access, but to chat with a licensed therapist, you’re required to sign up for a monthly plan for $150/month.

What does the paid plan of 7cupsoftea include?

The paid plan for 7 Cups includes two messages a day, five days a week from a trained professional therapist. You can message your 7cupsoftea therapist anytime you want, but they will only respond twice a day, for five days out of the week. Messaging is the only method of communication that 7cupsoftea therapists provide; there is no option for video/audio chatting or for in-person appointments.

What are some benefits of paid 7cupsoftea?

When you pay, you have the option of messaging with a trained professional. Some perks of this type of remote therapy are:

What are some drawbacks to paid 7cupsoftea?

Some downsides to 7 Cups include:

What are some benefits of free 7cupsoftea?

Even without paying, you can still join the 7 Cups community. Free benefits include:

What are some drawbacks to free 7cupsoftea?

Potential downsides to free 7 Cups include:

Is 7cupsoftea private and confidential?

The confidentiality policy states “As a member or guest, your personal information is never shared with our listeners or with anyone else.”

If you sign up with a therapist, you will need to provide more personal information, like full name and address, but 7 Cups promises not to share that information with anyone, including the therapist.

What types of issues do people talk about in 7cupsoftea?

Therapists and peer listeners are prepared to support you no matter what your particular struggle is, and you can also create a group chat or forum post about something specific if one doesn’t already exist.

That said, some common struggles on 7 Cups include:  

Takeaway and conclusion for 7cupsoftea

While the free platform of 7 Cups cannot, and should not, be a substitute for mental health treatment (i.e., with a licensed clinician) for individuals who need that level of care, it may serve to aid those (and other) individuals as supplement to their care! Also note that since there is no explanation of the 7 Cups therapist vetting process on the site, it can be difficult to confirm the efficacy of their paid plan, as well.

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