Recovering From Burnout: Moving Forward When You're Stressed & Exhausted

Burnout is usually a slow and gradual process – one that tends to rob people of their passion, their motivation, and energy, leaving them instead with feelings of exhaustion, disillusionment, and frustration. But as overwhelming and infiltrated as burnout can feel, recovering is possible.

Here are tips to help you recover if you’re experiencing burnout:

1. Strengthen active reflection and self-compassion practices

When helping individuals recover from burnout, I highly recommend extra self-compassion and patience, as well as reflective exercises to see the big picture of what may be going on.

Here are some ways to practice self-compassion when recovering from burnout:

2. Create action items for systemic changes

Action items that fit your schedule and demands can help make lasting systemic changes in your daily life. Here are some everyday ways to effect change in your work life, preventing further burnout:

3. Develop daily strategies to prevent burnout

Recognizing and replacing habits that may be fueling the burnout is a great way to prevent it from controlling your life. Take some time to check in and reflect with the following everyday exercises:

4. Seek professional support through therapy

Therapy is a wonderful space to assess what burnout looks for you, what components of burnout are particularly challenging for you, and what factors are contributing to your experience of burnout.

For example, if you notice that your detachment is impacting how you show up for work or home, you can work on strategies to improve interpersonal concerns.

These strategies may include steps protect your energy, for example, delegation of tasks if possible, as well as working on communication, such as setting boundaries with respect rather than with irritation.

A therapist can also help you sort through and address the factors impacting burnout, since each factor might need a different approach.

When looking for a therapist for burnout, look for a therapist who:

The experience of burnout feels pretty awful – but burnout is treatable, and the recovery process can be deeply empowering!

Through recovery, you can become more in touch with your values and goals, feel more confident in your ability to manage stress, and learn to implement practices that will help you play the long game well.

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