Marriage Counseling NYC: How To Find Marriage Counselors Near You

In New York City – a metropolis reputed for its high rents, competitive schools, and demanding jobs – it can be especially easy for marriage/long-term relationship stressors to take a toll.

Enter marriage counseling, which is therapy for couples who are in committed relationships. In marriage counseling, you and your partner will likely meet with your therapist weekly to address whatever challenge or recurring theme you’re facing in your relationship. Together, you’ll increase mutual awareness of patterns and their impact on your relationship, and learn tools that can help you healthily navigate them.

Since every marriage is different – and each individual in the marriage unique – working with a marriage counselor can equip you with personalized guidance that allows you to resolve your particular set of conflicts or concerns, and increase satisfaction in your relationship.

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Health insurance for marriage counselors in NYC

Find a marriage counselor in NYC who accepts your insurance below.

Marriage counselors in Manhattan who accept insurance

Marriage counselors in Brooklyn who accept insurance

Can't find your health insurance, or many marriage counselors listed within your network?  

Many therapists choose not to take health insurance – aka be “in-network” with health insurances – for a number of reasons, including low reimbursement rates from health insurance companies and privacy concerns.

If you cannot find a marriage counselor who accepts your health insurance, consider paying out-of-pocket (on average between $150 and $250 for a one hour session in NYC) or use sliding scale fees, as explained below.

Sliding scale marriage counselors in NYC

“Sliding scale” fees refer to the range of session fees that a therapist is willing to accept for clients with limited resources.

For instance, a therapist's standard session fee might be $250 per session – but they might offer a sliding scale cost of $175 - $200, depending on your ability to pay. This means that when possible, they’ll work flexibly within your budget, and offer lower fees to help you receive mental health care.

Find marriage counselors who offer sliding scales in NYC below.

Manhattan sliding scale marriage counselors

Brooklyn sliding scale marriage counselors

Queens sliding scale marriage counselors

How much does marriage counseling in NYC cost?

If you cannot find a marriage counselor who takes your health insurance, you will pay for therapy sessions out of pocket. In these cases, marriage counseling in NYC costs on average $150 to $250, for a one-hour session. If you do find a counselor who accepts your health insurance, you may only pay a copay at each session. These usually range from $20 to $40 per session.

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How to afford marriage counseling in NYC that’s within your budget

If you and your partner do not have the financial means to pay for counseling with out-of-pocket fees, you have options, including:  

1. Sliding scale

Sliding scales are a flexible rate per session based on your income.

2. Using out-of-network benefits

Whenever possible, try not to limit your therapist search by just searching for in-network insurance. By using out-of-network benefits, you can typically have a portion of each session fee reimbursed by your insurance company, opening up benefits like affordability and a quicker start date.

If you are seeing an out-of-network psychologist or therapist, you can also:

  1. Apply for reimbursement using your health insurance’s out-of-network benefits
  2. Inquire with the the therapist to see if they offer a “sliding scale” (see section above)

What to look for in a marriage counselor in NYC

License and training

Marriage counselor may have a variety of different kinds of mental health licensure (and there is no specific certifications that marriage counselors need in order to practice), but many are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs).

Therapy approach and expertise

It’s helpful to know that marriage counselors – just like individual therapists – can utilize a variety of therapy types. These following are some, but not all, of those types:

If any of these (or other) particular approaches appeal to both you and your partner, keep them in mind when starting your therapist search. Ask potential counselors whether, and how, they incorporate elements of that approach in sessions.

Prioritize personal fit

The concept that you should feel comfortable enough with your therapist to wholly grow in a healthy manner, known as the therapeutic alliance, is also important in marriage counseling. Both you and your partner should trust the marriage counselor; you should never feel like the therapist “takes sides” with you or your partner; and you should both feel heard, and be able to hear, in your sessions with the marriage counselor.

What issues can marriage counselors help New Yorkers with?

Here are some (but not all!) of the concerns that a marriage counselor can help you with in NYC:

What to expect in a marriage counseling session in NYC

The first session is a “get to know you” meeting

The first marriage counseling session typically includes the therapist asking about why the couple is seeking therapy at this time, the history of the the relationship, and intentions and goals of marriage counseling from each partner.

You might meet one-on-one with your therapist at first (or you might not)

Some therapists may have the couple meet with them individually for a part of the first session, while others will keep the couple together throughout the session. Every marriage counseling session look different depending on the couple, the issues at hand, and the therapist.

The therapist sets the structure for each subsequent session

Each session, the therapist will typically provide a structure to the session by facilitating specific topics of conversation, supporting the partners in effective communication, and suggesting different interventions to the couple with the goal of improving relationship satisfaction.

To find out what marriage counseling with your therapist looks like, ask them on your initial call!

Marriage counseling can take many different forms depending on the couple and the therapist. You can learn more about what to expect from the marriage counselor you decide to see by asking them on the initial call.

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