DBT Therapy Near Me: How & Where To Find DBT Therapists In NYC

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (often shortened to DBT) is a skills-based approach to psychotherapy. It incorporates aspects of mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The word “dialectical” refers to the therapy’s focus on learning to balance and tolerate opposites, and release attachment to black-and-white thinking – reaching a comfortable balance between acceptance and change.

Read more about DBT below! Learn what to expect in sessions, how to use your insurance or alternative payment options, and where specifically to find DBT therapists near you in New York City.

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Health insurance for DBT therapists in NYC

Find an DBT therapist in NYC who accepts your insurance below.

DBT therapists in New York City who take insurance

Can't find your health insurance, or many DBT therapists listed within your health insurance network? It’s helpful to know that some therapists, especially in NYC, are unable or choose not to take health insurance.

How much does DBT therapy in NYC cost?

If you find a counselor who accepts your health insurance, you may only pay a copay at each session. These usually range from $20 to $40 per session.

If you cannot find an DBT therapist who takes your health insurance, you will pay for therapy sessions out of pocket. In these cases, DBT therapy in NYC costs on average $150 to $250, for a 45-minute session. You can also seek DBT therapy at a sliding scale rate, as explained below.

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Sliding scale DBT therapists in NYC

“Sliding scale” fees refer to the range of session fees that a therapist may accept for clients who are paying out of pocket and have limited financial resources. For instance, a therapist's standard session fee could be $200 per session – but they might offer a sliding scale cost of $125 - $175, depending on what you can pay.

Therapists who accept sliding scale are able to work flexibly within your budget, and offer lower fees to help you receive mental health care.

You can find DBT therapists who offer sliding scales in NYC below.

Manhattan sliding scale DBT therapists

Brooklyn sliding scale DBT therapists

Queens sliding scale DBT therapists

How to afford DBT therapy in NYC that’s within your budget

If you do not have the financial means to pay for therapy with out-of-pocket fees, you have options! Consider the following:

1. Sliding scale

Sliding scales are a flexible rate per session based on your income.

2. Using out-of-network benefits

Using out-of-network benefits means you’ll have a portion of each session fee reimbursed by your insurance company. This opens up benefits like affordability and a quicker start date.

For more details, visit our guide to using out-of-network benefits.

What issues can DBT therapists help New Yorkers with?

DBT can help New Yorkers with a number of issues, including:

DBT can also help with other issues, including emotional regulation, interpersonal skills, and/or tolerance of distress.

What to expect in DBT sessions in NYC

What happens in the session depends on whether you’re attending an individual or group DBT session.

In an individual DBT session, your therapist will check in with you about your experiences since you last met. You’ll discuss how you coped with any challenges – e.g., if you were anxious on the subway, were you able to manage your anxiety with emotion regulation? Or if you experienced overwhelm due to a life stressor, were you able to implement one of the mindfulness skills you learned to accept the unpleasant reality, and stay in the moment?

Overall, individual DBT sessions often have a lot in common with traditional talk therapy sessions. They may incorporate aspects of cognitive-behavioral therapy, such as:

In a group DBT session, a therapist will lead you and other participating individuals through exercises designed to help you learn and practice concrete skills.  

Most sessions are a mixture of educational content and hands-on practice. Group session are also likely to include review of the previous week’s content and a discussion of how group members have been applying the skills learned, as well as attention to any challenges experienced in doing so.

What should I look for in a DBT therapist in NYC?

When looking for a DBT therapist, you’ll want to make sure that they have advanced training and/or certification in DBT. Many DBT therapists have certification from the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, which requires that providers demonstrate competence in using evidence-based DBT techniques.

Additionally, you may want to discuss potential therapists’ experience using DBT as a treatment for your particular concern. For example, if you’re looking to use DBT to help you overcome an eating disorder, ask the therapist if they have experience working with that population.

You’ll also want to clarify what kind of expectations your therapist has for the structure and frequency of DBT sessions. Some have strict rules about participation in the full DBT program (including weekly individual and group sessions) while others may offer more flexible treatment options.

And finally, weigh the benefits of each therapist from a practical standpoint! Is their office close enough to your home, or work, that you’d be able to attend sessions regularly and relatively easily? Could you feel comfortable being open with this therapist, and sharing realistic updates on your progress? When you find the right DBT therapist near you, you’ll be on your way to effective treatment!

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