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Zencare is the simplest way to find your ideal therapist. Browse therapist videos and book a free phone call to find a great fit! Our women-led team is based in Brooklyn, NY.

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Academic Issues

Whether you’re in college, graduate school, or really any academic environment, school can be complicated. Here's everything you need to know about academic issues and how therapy can help.

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Addictions refer to a broad group of conditions in which an individual is regularly involved with a substance or activity in a way that is compulsive, hard to control, and often has harmful consequences.

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Symptoms of ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), plus what to do if you’re experiencing ADHD.

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A copay is the set fee you pay at every medical session, including therapy. Learn more about how to figure out your copay amount, when and how to pay it, and examples of typical copay situations.

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In-Network Therapist

An in-network therapist has a contract with your health insurance company to accept a set fee for every session. Learn more about this type of treatment!

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Learn about "what out of network" means, how much therapy sessions cost when they're out of network, and why you might want to consider this type of care!

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Sliding Scale

Sliding scale fees refer to the range of session fees that a therapist is willing to accept for clients with limited resources.

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The Top 8 Yoga Classes in Chicago

Downtime is crucial for maintaining healthy balance, but given the fast-paced lifestyle of the Windy City, such peace and quiet can seem difficult to find on the regular. Enter yoga. Here are our top picks for yoga classes in Chicago!