Virtual Groups for Support and Connection During Coronavirus

The increasing calls to shelter in place are vital to prevent the spread of coronavirus around the world. However, for many of us, such unprecedented levels of isolation can lead to profound disconnection and loneliness. As more and more folks hunker down at home, maintaining that real-time connection with others has become all the more critical for our emotional health.

Live virtual events and get-togethers can provide a much-needed social boost during times when we're feeling detached and uncertain. So while many apps and companies offer pre-recorded videos, we wanted to find live-stream ways of connecting, too. Here are a few resources you can check out to Stay Active, Stay Mindful, Stay Engaged, Stay Supported, and Stay Grounded.

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Stay Active

305 Fitness

Souk of Rima

Stay Mindful

Zen Habits

Sue Hutton Mindfulness

Stay Engaged

Books Are Magic

Virtual Classes & Events from 92Y

Live Concerts

Stay Connected

Virtual Movie Nights with Friends

Virtual Happy Hours with Colleagues

Stay Supported

Peer support groups and chat apps for you to connect with compassionate listeners.

7 Cups of Tea


Stay Grounded

Support groups run by therapists to help you stay grounded and connected during this isolating time.

Better Together - A Weekly Support Group for College Students During COVID-19

Weekly Topics:

COVID-19 Support Group

Self-Care & Sanity!

Expectant Parent Group - Coping with COVID-19

New Parent Group - Coping with COVID-19

‘Find Your Happy’ Hour

Telehealth Support Group for Healthcare Workers

Divorce Support Group for Mothers

Support on the Spectrum

Coping Skills for Everyday Life

LGBT COVID-19 Support Group

Coping Skills for COVID-19

Emotional Growth Group