Online Therapy In Chicago: Benefits & What To Know

Weather extremities are a fact of life in Chicago. But don’t let blustery winters and scorching summers prevent you from getting therapy!

Connecting with a local therapist who offers online therapy sessions is a convenient way to ensure ongoing support, even on days when you want to (or need to) stay at home.

There are several different types of online therapy. Below, we discuss two great options – entirely remote therapy, and in-person therapy with the option of remote – plus what to expect from each.

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Option 1: Entirely remote therapy sessions

This option involves having all your sessions with a therapist via an online platform, such a secure video platform.

Remote sessions are particularly helpful if:

However, entirely remote therapy sessions are not typically suitable for high-risk individuals, such as those who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts, who are struggling with an eating disorder, and/or who are at risk of harming themselves or others.

How to get started with remote sessions  

To make sure remote therapy sessions will work for you, start with the following steps:

Option 2: Mostly in-person therapy, with remote sessions when needed

This option consists of both sessions that are in-person with your therapist, and online when you need them.

Optionally remote therapy is great if:

How to get started with optionally remote sessions  

What else to know about online therapy in Chicago

Does insurance cover online therapy in Chicago?

Yes, often times insurance does cover online therapy.

For example, if you have BCBSIL PPO, your plan likely includes access to Virtual Visits, an online service that provides mental health counseling.

Not every therapist who is in-network with BCBSIL PPO is signed up to offer Virtual Visits, though, so ask your therapist if it’s an option. (Some BCBSIL PPO plans will also cover online sessions with therapists outside of Virtual Visits.)

Is online therapy effective?  

Yes! With increasing interest in online therapy comes various studies that look at its effectiveness. In one study, psychiatric patients reported that after only one month of online therapy, their mental health improved.

In addition, there are studies that show positive results for internet-based depression therapy and online cognitive behavioral therapy [2, 3]. Lastly, online therapy works as a tool to reduce depression and anxiety in children and adolescents [4].

The option of meeting with your therapist online makes receiving mental health services accessible for all, including those who previously did not have the ability to leave home. Weather, travel, and time are no longer barriers to seeking help!

Where to find online therapists in Chicago

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