Female Founders: How Casey Shevin Simplifies Divorce For Families — While Making Time for Her Own

Divorce is messy, emotional, complicated, expensive – and above all else, divorce is confusing. Enter Divorceify, a company co-founded by Casey Rose Shevin (along with two other female co-founders, Sonia Queralt and Tali Koss), which aims to simplify the divorce process.

Through the company, Casey is helping turn an overwhelming experience into an empowering one. In her personal life, she prioritizes family time and self-care. Here, Casey shares details about her daily routine – plus how she unwinds, hits her "reset" button, and uses an incentivizing mantra that powers her through the happy chaos of launching her own startup.

This is part of Zencare’s female founder self care series that explores how startup founders are making time for self care amid their busy schedules and ambitious dreams!

What does Divorceify do?

Divorceify is a divorce marketplace that uses predictive technology to match divorce clients to professional help and direct them to the optimal divorce process based on their unique circumstances.

Why did you start Divorceify?

Divorce costs too much, takes too long, and the process itself escalates conflict between the divorcing couple – ultimately harming children and families.

As a divorce attorney, I got fed up with the status quo. Modern families deserve a modernized approach to divorce.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day starts when my 18-month-old son Owen calls “Mommy, up!” from his crib at 6:30 am (it’s honestly the best alarm clock I’ve ever had!). My husband Andy heads to work, and I walk Owen to his school a few blocks away from our apartment.

Most days, I work from home – tackling projects in the morning, then taking calls and meetings in the afternoon. (Working from home isn’t for everyone, but I love it!)

I pick Owen up from school, and we play together until his bedtime. After Owen is in bed, I do a little more “pajama work” (as Andy calls it) before my evening wind down.  

What do you do to hit your reset button and recharge?

I love to cook, so for me, making dinner each evening is my unwind time. While I’m cooking, I might listen to a crime podcast, call a friend, catch up with Andy, or just watch some delightful Bravo – anything but talk about work!

The sounds, smells, and physical action of cooking take my mind off of work and give me a mental break. You know it's been way too busy of a day if I'm ordering take out.

How do you take care of your mental health?

When I start to feel cooped up, over-worked or stressed, I know it’s time to get up and get some activity – for me, that usually means taking a long walk that ends at a fun new restaurant, or getting out of the city for an adventure in nature.

What advice do you have for others who find it difficult to make time for self-care?

Resting creates space for creativity – some of my best ideas have come to me while taking time off. So if you really need to talk yourself into it, remind yourself that taking time off is actually "productive."

How do you bring joy into your work day?

Fresh flowers, crisp seltzers, and fresh notepads.

What’s a non-negotiable in your self-care?

When you’re self-employed it can be hard to stop working and relax (I always tell my friends that my boss is a real hard-ass!).

But unless something is on fire, I’m going to bed at a reasonable time each night and spending quality time with my family on the weekend.

What’s an emotionally challenging experience you faced in building your company?

Founding a startup is a marathon, not a sprint – progress can feel slow and explaining where you are in the startup growth cycle to friends and family can get pretty exhausting. Luckily, I have co-founders to lean on when the road ahead looks long.

Do you have a mantra or a piece of advice you received that helps you get through difficult times?

Getting-shit-doneliness is next to godliness. ; )

What has been most emotionally or mentally helpful in getting you through tough times?

When things get tough, being honest and vulnerable with my friends and family gives them the chance to reach out and lift me up.

How do you deal with pressure?

Before a high-pressure meeting, I take three to five minutes to meditate and center my energy. I imagine what I want others to feel when they meet me and pull that to the surface.

Then I listen to some jams, and dance it out to create some endorphins!

What's a fear you overcame in building your company?  

It’s not exactly a fear, but I used to be terribly uncomfortable with the idea of displeasing an authority figure.

As a startup founder, I’m trying to shake up an industry, which means not everyone is happy with me or supports my mission – and now I'm okay with that.

What are you proudest of your team or yourself for in building your company?

I’m incredibly proud of our vision and persistence.

What does your ideal self care routine look like vs your realistic one?

I’d love to spend more time hiking in nature but for now, I’ll settle for Central Park.

How can startups support their teams’ mental health in such a stressful high pressure environment?

Encourage your team members to take time off!  (And don't put more work on their plate while they are out of the office.)

Favorite podcasts?

What do your weekends look like?

These days, weekends are about family time – there’s nothing I like more than an outdoor activity with my guys. And I love Sunday night happy hour at our local Italian spot.

How do you support your team?

I think it’s important to give specific positive feedback – even if it’s about something small, acknowledgement is always appreciated.  

How do you give and get feedback?

I am not afraid to ask for help and I see that as a strength of mine. A former employer once told me that my willingness to ask for help made her comfortable giving me complex tasks, even assigning me things that might be a stretch for me. Being vulnerable has given me access to opportunity.

Advice for other female founders?

Don’t let other people define what you have time for, or what success looks like. You can absolutely be a founder and a new mom!