What, Exactly, Should I Look For in a Therapist? 3 Important Factors

Wondering what you should look for in a therapist?

It’s helpful to keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different – meaning there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to therapy. What is universally important, however, is making sure you connect with the right therapist for you.

Here are three main components to consider when you begin your therapist search.


1. Cost, location, and scheduling

Therapy will only work if it works for you. Before making an appointment, ask yourself honestly:

2. Credentials and specializations

Therapists differ in their degree types, specializations, and therapy approaches. When looking for the right therapist for you, ask yourself:

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3. The personality fit – a.k.a., therapeutic alliance

While personality fit is more of a nuanced factor than, say, scheduling availability, it may be critical to your success in therapy. Multiple studies have revealed the importance of this factor, often referred to as “therapeutic alliance.”

On your initial phone call with the therapist, ask yourself:

Additionally, consider these factors:

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