What's the Best Therapist Finder? 10 Directories to Find a Therapist Near You

Published: October 17, 2018 by Zencare Team

It’s often said that finding a therapist is like dating: the process is intimate, sometimes intimidating, and may require patience before you find “The One.” Connecting with a perfect therapist is the first step on your path to mental wellness, so how you find that therapist matters.

And – just like with dating – there are different ways to go about it. You might be able to connect with a potential therapist in a single swipe, or you may prefer meeting someone face-to-face.

Luckily, you have options. The mental wellness industry is eternally evolving and adapting to user demands, and there are several therapist finders on the market. We compiled the top therapist directories available and broke down the pros and cons for each so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re using the right option.

1. Zencare.co

Zencare.co provides a user-friendly platform to help individuals find the best, highest-quality mental health care. Zencare streamlines the therapist search process from five weeks to five minutes with accurate information, quick response rates, and quality care.

Pros of Zencare:

Cons of Zencare:

Cost of Zencare:

2. Psychology Today

Psychology Today (sometimes formatted as “PsychologyToday” or “PT”) is a bimonthly print publication that covers interesting aspects of human behavior and mental health. On its website, PT has an extensive online directory of therapists, psychiatrists, support groups, and treatment centers.

Pros of PsychologyToday:

Cons of PsychologyToday:

Cost of PsychologyToday:

3. GoodTherapy

GoodTherapy is an online directory that connects therapy seekers with therapists and treatment centers. The website also has a blog and “Psychpedia,” an extensive list of common prognoses.

Pros of GoodTherapy:

Cons of GoodTherapy:

Cost of GoodTherapy:

4. ZocDoc

ZocDoc is an app and website that matches patients with doctors, filtering predominantly for providers who are in-network with your insurance. The company aims to streamline the booking process by making appointment availability visible, and providing patient paperwork upfront.

Pros of ZocDoc:

Cons of ZocDoc:

Cost of ZocDoc:

5. Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand connects patients with doctors, 24/7 through online video calls. For minor, urgent issues – such as the flu or a UTI – it saves users a trip to the clinic. The site also provides resources for treating mental health issues, such as postpartum depression and anxiety.

Pros of Doctor on Demand:

Cons of Doctor on Demand:

Cost (without insurance) of Doctor on Demand:

6. My Wellbeing

My Wellbeing creates a direct link between patients and therapists in New York City. Potential clients fill out a brief survey to determine what they’re looking for in a therapist, and the My Wellbeing team contacts them with a personalized recommendation.

Pros of My Wellbeing:

Cons of My Wellbeing:

Cost of My Wellbeing:

7. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a New York City-based directory of health and wellness providers specifically for the LBGTQ+ community.

Pros of Lighthouse:

Cons of Lighthouse:

Cost of Lighthouse:

8. Talkspace

Talkspace provides users with text-, audio-, and video messaging-based therapy, all accessible via the app or website. When you sign up, you’re prompted to complete a short intake. The Talkspace algorithm pairs you with several options for a therapist, and you select your choice from that short list.

Pros of TalkSpace:

Cons of TalkSpace:

Cost of TalkSpace:

9. BetterHelp

Like Talkspace, BetterHelp is an e-counseling platform. After filling out an initial questionnaire, an algorithm matches you to a therapist. Also, patients have the option of using a nickname so as to remain anonymous (your therapist will know you only as the name you provide).

Pros of BetterHelp:

Cons of BetterHelp:

Cost of BetterHelp:

Curious about the difference between BetterHelp and Talkspace? Check out our explanation of the cost and convenience of BetterHelp vs. Talkspace!

10. Maven Clinic

Maven Clinic is a women-centric healthcare platform whose mission is to assist mothers and families during conception, throughout pregnancy, and postpartum. The app and website provide a directory of practitioners in the women’s wellness field, with specialties ranging from midwives and doulas to nutritionists and therapists.

Pros of MavenClinic:

Cons of MavenClinic:

Cost of MavenClinic:

With this information on all of the therapist-finding platforms, take the first step in your mental health journey with us at Zencare. Every therapist has an introductory video, so you can get a feel for the therapist’s mannerisms, personality, and approach. When you find one that you like, book a free phone consultation and see if they’re The One. With the easy-to-navigate directory to the promise of a vetted therapist, Zencare’s services can support your journey towards wellbeing.