TheraNest: Review, Features, and FAQs

Published: January 30, 2019 by Zencare Team

Considering TheraNest as a billing and practice management tool for your practice? Weighing the pros and cons – and comparing the costs and features – of different platforms can be overwhelming.

At the end of the day, deciding which tool is right for your practice boils down to your client load, preferences, and budget. We put together this comprehensive guide to TheraNest so you can assess whether it’s right for your practice needs.

Once you’ve gotten a good overview of TheraNest, learn which billing software and practice management tools other therapists prefer, too!

What is TheraNest?

TheraNest is a therapy practice management software with a dedicated client portal. It is designed for practitioners including social workers, psychologists, and counselors, and it features support around billing, notes, scheduling, and more.

What's included in a TheraNest Plan?

Plans with TheraNest include a number of distinct features. All plans include the same features; cost changes based on billing frequency and the number of clients you’re managing, rather than the features you’re accessing.

TheraNest’s central features are:


TheraNest gives you unlimited access to note templates, including options for intakes, progress notes, initial assessments, treatment plans, and discharge summaries.

Billing & Invoicing

TheraNest provides multiple options for billing both individuals and insurance.



Scheduling through TheraNest can help you manage the logistics of all the sessions occurring in your practice, whether single sessions or recurring appointments.

Client Portal

TheraNest includes a dedicated, secure client portal called TheraBook. Through TheraBook, your clients can independently manage all of the following, according to your settings:


TheraNest offers the option of HIPAA-compliant telehealth appointments. The telehealth system includes the following features:

Image courtesy of TheraNest

Image courtesy of TheraNest

Practice Management

In addition to the above, TheraNest includes a number of additional practice management features.


TheraNest includes a number of options for creating and analyzing reports using your practice data.

Mobile Features

Bonus Features

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How much does TheraNest cost?

TheraNest pricing depends on the size of your practice, and frequency of billing. Rates are as follows:  

Is TheraNest HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, TheraNest is HIPAA-compliant. All data is encrypted and stored securely using Amazon Web Services.

How to log into TheraNest

You can find the TheraNest login at

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