58 Gorgeous Therapist Offices We Adore: 2020 Edition

Last year, we unleashed our interior design alter-egos to compile a collection of stunning offices listed by Zencare therapists. Since then, the Zencare community has expanded, with new geographies ranging from Westchester to Washington, DC. And as we've grown, so has the number of lovely offices!

From a classic couch-and-bookshelf setup to modern, loft-like lounges, there's a space for every style. Below, we celebrate our growing network of therapists – and their stunning practice locations – by highlighting 58 gorgeous offices around the country.

Rooms with a view

Peek out onto Manhattan's Flatiron district

Therapist: Ariana Goswick
Location: New York City

Cozy up in this quintessential NY nook

Therapist: Emily Rubin
Location: New York City

A fantastic view into the heart of FiDi

Therapist: Elizabeth Greene
Location: New York City

A stunning, sunny spot with Big Apple views

Therapist: Elizabeth Cobb of Cobb Psychotherapy
Location: New York City

Awesome artwork that inspires

A bold Pollock stands out amid subtle surroundings

Therapist: Ryan Jacobs
Location: New York City

Fun accents perfectly complement a bold color painting

Therapist: Rowena Talusan-Dunn
Location: Westchester, NY

Therapist: Rae Cuffe
Location: Boston, MA

This optimistic abstract sets a positive tone

Therapist: Courtney Dowdell
Location: New York City

Eye-catching pops of bright colors

Smile-worthy poms and vibrant furniture set an upbeat accent  

Therapist: Deanna Baker
Location: New York City

Pink and blue poofs nestled cheerfully under a window

Therapist: Margot Lamson
Location: Washington, DC

Strong patterns and chipper flowers create a buoyant vibe

Therapist: Mona Browne
Location: Long Island, NY

Luminous yellows bring the sun to sessions 365 days of the year

Therapist: Azita Afshar
Location: Chicago, IL

Coordination create a clean, comforting structure

Therapist: Veronica Slaght
Location: Washington, DC

One-of-a-kind fixtures that stand out

A fireplace makes this well-lit spot pop even more

Therapist: Rebecca Hershberg
Location: Washington, DC

This hanging chair brings a swinging bohemian vibe

Therapist: Amanda Mitchell
Location: Chicago, IL

Bold charcoals and grey complete this "fully-furnaced" room

Therapist: Todd Kray
Location: New York City

A sunny skylight lends this upstairs office a splash of optimism

Therapist: Shalyn Coleman
Location: Rhode Island

Brilliant bookshelves that pack a literary punch

Statuettes imbue this shelf with folksy charm

Therapist: David Ley
Location: Chicago, IL

Floating shelves allow ideas and thoughts flow freely

Therapist: Shari Goldstein
Location: Westport, CT

A restful nook with homey accessories

Therapist: Seda Ciftci-Sevil
Location: New York City

Cheery colors go hand-in-hand with this bright bookshelf

Therapist: Maria Mellano
Location: Boston, MA

Burgundy tones make for a corner with classic calm

Therapist: Erika Nagy
Location: New York City

An extensive collection, artistically complemented by tasteful prints  

Therapist: Gavriel Reisner
Location: New York City

Flora and fauna bring green life to this cozy book nook

Therapist: Laura Eidlitz
Location: New York City

Waiting rooms worth passing the time in

Therapist: Ariel VanDoren
Location: Washington, DC

Fig trees and film posters make for a reinvented arthouse look

Therapist: Debaki Chakrabarti
Location: New York City

A rustic barn space imbued with fresh, creative energy

Therapist: Carter Thornton
Location: Westchester, NY

Modern fixtures complete a loft-like ambience

Therapist: Mark Colterjohn
Location: New York City

A mod rug waits under retro prints and posters

Therapist: Marta Curry
Location: Westport, CT

Earthy ornaments are the perfect balance for this urban spot

Therapist: Priyanka Upadhyaya
Location: New York City

Plants galore to inspire personal growth

Plenty of sunlight to go around for these varied vines

Therapist: Komal Choksi
Location: New York City

Plants and painting peacefully cohabit in this DC den

Therapist: Drew Joseph
Location: Washington, DC

Greens gather at the window to lend a slice of bucolic bliss

Therapist: Tali DiPietro
Location: Westchester, NY

An oversized plant pops in contrast to contemplative dark shades

Therapist: Cappy Silver
Location: Chicago, IL

Hanging leaves give a whimsical green flourish to this bookshelf

Therapist: Yelena Senia
Location: Manchester, CT

Blue fabrics plus pops of living green equal a harmonious blend

Therapist: Christeine Terry
Location: Seattle, WA

Windows that wow

A colorful, stunning stained-glass fixture stands out in this lovely space

Therapist: Victoria Sokolowski
Location: Providence, RI

Expansive frames let plenty of light into this artistic space

Therapist: Lenna Salbashian
Location: Cambridge, MA

Dark paint looks all the more welcoming when graced by bay windows

Therapist: Ryan Robinson
Location: Washington, DC  

Large twin windows make unique accessories stand out even more

Therapist: Tim Pineau
Location: Washington, DC

Brick is the trick

Two brick walls converge beside an iconic Windy City view

Therapist: Nancy Gardner
Location: Chicago, IL

Earthy reds and oranges complement this brick wall with zest

Therapist: Amaranta Medina-Seabright
Location: New York City

White paint gives a fresh look to classic brick

Therapist: Nancy Goldman
Location: New York City

Bold rugs that transform

The sun shines merrily on this rainbow-like rug

Therapist: Robert Kaye-Walsh
Location: New York City

Varied textiles blend together for bohemian chic

Therapist: Lilly Pavlinovic
Location: New York City

Here, pink and purple look professional and polished

Therapist: Cassandra Lenza
Location: Hoboken, NJ

Colorful pillows pop even more when near this high-spirited rug

Therapist: Julie Panton
Location: Providence, RI

A unique, rouge pattern is delicately rounded out by various red accents

Therapist: Lisa Kantor
Location: Boston, MA

A floral flourish that's practically fit for a garden

Therapist: Anna Cable
Location: Providence, Rhode Island

White walls and a bright window balance this delightfully dramatic rug

Therapist: Sahar Khoshakhlagh
Location: New York City

Totally zen calm

Instantaneous relaxation amid these plush textiles and calming grays

Therapist: Mary Breen, Repose
Location: New York City

Cheery meets peaceful in this bright spot  

Therapist: Courtney Policano
Location: New York City

Simplicity at its finest

Therapist: William Jackson
Location: Easton, MA

Cheerful accessories to complete the room

Unique throw pillows and wall hangings jazz up neutral walls and furniture

Therapist: Heather Genovese
Location: New York City

A treasure chest of upbeat adorments

Therapist: Diana Mayer
Location: Bethesda, MD

Inspirational quote blocks, plants, and cheery paintings set a hopeful tone

Therapist: Jennifer Kennett
Location: Redmond, WA

Modern accents breathe fresh air into the Windy City's iconic Merchandise Mart building

Therapist: Hillary Schoninger
Location: Chicago, IL

You had us at "hello"

Therapist: Hadar Schwartz
Location: New York City