An Interview with Grow Therapy

Grow Therapy is a group of 300+ therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists who are deeply passionate ahout providing clients with high quality, accessible, and affordable mental healthcare. While Grow therapists have specialites in a diverse range of mental health conditions, many have extensive expertise in anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, addiction, grief, and trauma. Grow also has a specialized client care coordinator who works with prospective clients to help find a provider in the practice that fits their unique therapeutic needs.

We asked Grow Therapy about the practice’s guiding philosophies and learned about three Grow providers who demonstrate the diverse perspectives and passion for therapy that characterizes Grow Therapy.

Grow’s background and therapy philosophy

What was your motivation for starting a group practice?

Grow began from our personal experience with behavioral healthcare. We were frustrated by the utter lack of insurance acceptance amongst behavioral health providers, and heartbroken that our loved ones were consequently unable to afford mental healthcare. However, our clinical partners - caring psychotherapists dedicated to their clients - revealed another side of the story: many were underpaid, under appreciated, and restricted by their employers. They wanted to start their own practice, but struggled with setting up the infrastructure, finding peer support, and accepting insurance.

What guiding principles inform Grow's work?

At Grow, we have two fundamental beliefs.

First, we believe that anyone who wants to receive mental healthcare should be able to access it. This means that we work hard to find anyone who reaches out to us a provider who is in-network with their insurance.

Second, we believe it’s important to feel comfortable with your therapist so that you can open up about the tough topics. We know that everyone has different therapeutic needs and preferences, and finding a therapist that fits these well is the first step in building the tools you need to uncover your strength.

What clientele does Grow work with most frequently?

Our goal is to pair every client in need of mental healthcare with an affordable therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrists that fits their treatment needs. That means that we work with all populations and that our therapists have experience with a wide range of backgrounds.

Even if we don’t have a therapist in our group who fits a client’s needs, we will still work to find a therapist who can provide them affordable care through our community partners.

That’s right: Even if we don’t have someone who both works with your insurance and fits your therapeutic needs, we’ll help you find someone else who does!

Therapy with some of Grow’s providers

Can you tell us more about therapy sessions with Markyse Bernadin?

Markyse is a licensed clinical social worker, who also speaks Creole. She’s highly empathetic, and she is passionate about creating an individualized approach based on the clients needs. Here’s a note from Markyse:

“Are you ready to be happy again? It’s time to heal from past traumas and move on from the drama. You are either emotionally loaded or emotionally numb to your present circumstances because of your past experiences. The memory of these experiences trigger discomfort, isolation, or thoughts of regret, and you’re tired of being controlled by your past. You want to feel happy and show up fully for your friends, family, and partner, but you just can’t seem to shake it off enough to be present.

It’s time to unleash your radiance and bring you up to standard with your ideal self. You will no longer avoid and suppress your negative experiences because although this feels safe, it has impeded you from true happiness. In our work together we will identify, process, and release the past experiences that no longer suit you, then rebuild your confidence and self-esteem to shine.

It is going to be a challenging path, but with your dedication and my expertise; you will get through this. You deserve to move forward and live your best life. What happened to you is just a page in your book—we have new chapters to write.”

Can you tell us more about therapy sessions Dr. Roberto Paladines?

Dr. Roberto Paladines is a licensed psychologist that specializes in family therapy, but he also have licenses as a mental health counselor (LMHC) and as a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP). He specializes in the treatment of stress, behavioral, and mood-related disorders. He offers therapy in both English and Spanish. Here’s a note from Dr. Paladines:

“It is a fact that modern life has become more and more complex. In 2020, all our strengths, skills, and resources were tested, and yes, we felt vulnerable! But we are still here, and we will keep moving forward! If anything, 2020 taught us that to be able to cope with the demands of this new reality, we need to learn to pay better attention to our emotional and physical health, as well as to the needs of those around us.”

Can you tell us more about therapy with Sabra Maurice?

Sabra has been a mental health provider for more than 25 years. Through intensive training and years of experience, she developed her holistic counseling approach using mind, body, spirit, and energy psychology. She is certified and trained in EMDR , hypnosis, and sound healing. Here’s a note from Sabra:

“I believe in finding a good routine for stress management and pairing it with an outlet for deep relaxation is very helpful. To help my clients do this, I have combined a solutions-focused counseling model with reality therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and behavioral therapy.

I typically help people by first healing the past, coming to the present, and helping them create the future they want. I believe everyone can heal, and it gives me joy to guide people towards health and happiness. I would be honored to be a part of your journey and get to know you through our therapeutic relationship. I will be here to teach you and encourage you along your path in life.”

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