42 Therapist Office Decors We Adore: 2021 Edition

Last year was a transitional time for office setups. Millions shifted to a partial or full work-from-home status, essentially rendering living rooms, spare bedrooms, and kitchen tables across the country into makeshift offices. As we eased into this new normal, many of us missed our office spaces – and grew increasingly eager to return.

Enter our third roundup of therapist offices, 2021 edition. Even if you're not going back to the office just yet, you can still treat yourself to ideas for the future. Whether you prefer cool and casual undertones, or pops of bright colors, click through for easy inspiration in every style from your Zencare peers!

Pops of Color

The contrasting blues and yellows create an inviting space

Therapist: Sharon Uy
Location: Los Angeles

Attention-grabbing accent wall

Therapist: Dr. Tyler Howard
Location: Los Angeles

Mellow yellow meets modern and sleek

Therapist: Dr. Caroline Kalai
Location: NYC

Bright and sunny waiting room

Therapist: Latrina Hynes, LMFT
Location: Los Angeles

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Gorgeous Greenery

Urban oasis

Therapist: Dr. Komal Choksi
Location: NYC

Indoor garden

Therapist: Anahita Kashefi, LMFT
Location: Los Angeles

Who said flowers have to be in a pot?

Therapist: Kim Grevler, LCSW
Location: NYC

An indoor/outdoor green scene

Therapist: Aleecia Kaloustian, LCAT
Location: NYC

Inspiring artwork

The peacock feathers brighten this soft, grey space

Therapist: Jolie Weingeroff, owner of PVD Psychological Associates
Location: Rhode Island

Colorful wall art to elevate the space

Therapist: Emily Natale, LMHC
Location: Rhode Island

This wall art takes you to another place

Therapist: Glen Barnard, LCSW
Location: NYC

Modern, metal artwork adds a unique touch

Therapist: Straight Up Treatment
Location: Los Angeles

Bright art adds color to muted walls

Therapist: Dr. Melanie Soilleux
Location: Washington DC

Who says beige is boring?

Classic fixtures in a bright & airy setting

Therapist: Dr. Bonnie Steinberg
Location: Rhode Island

Cozy with plush seating

Therapist: Dr. Stephanie English
Location: NYC

Beige - with a touch of soft color

Therapist: Danielle Feinerman, LMFT
Location: Los Angeles

Brighten up your beige with art

Therapist: Dr. Ron Gad
Location: Los Angeles

Books can make beige pop

Therapist: Abbe Horsburgh
Location: NYC

Light & bright – a mix of warm and cool tones creates a relaxing space

Therapist: Lisa Butler, LCSW
Location: Chicago

Warm & modern, brick walls and window frame add character

Therapist: Michele Conklin, LMFT, ATR
Location: West Los Angeles

These warm brown tones are anything but dull

Therapist: Anna Diamantis
Location: Connecticut

A mix of traditional furniture and modern decor create light & cozy space

Therapist: Kristina Cofone, LCSW
Location: New Jersey

Modern Zen

Mid-century modern charm

Therapist: Laura Hoge, LCSW, LCADC
Location: New Jersey

Tranquil & chic

Therapist: Elle Michel, LMFT
Location: Los Angeles

Peaceful & cozy

Therapist: Elizabeth Nigro
Location: NYC

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Plush purple couches add an uplifting welcome

Therapist: Erin Bishop, LMFT
Location: Los Angeles

Gold accents & big windows brighten the room

Therapist: Cyndi Pylsinelli, LMFT
Location: San Diego

Pillows provide a pop of color in this light and airy space

Therapist: Zi Wang, LMHC
Location: NYC

Eye-catching area rugs

Colorful patterns bring the whole room together

Therapist: Patrick Davin, LPC
Location: Greenwich, CT

Cool blues and grey create a tranquil environment

Therapist: Resilience Lab
Location: NYC

Retro vibes

Therapist: Dr. Katherine Smith, LMFT
Location: Los Angeles

Warm & fuzzy add cheery personality

Therapist: Shira Myrow, LMFT
Location: Los Angeles

This rug transforms the light airy, space into a warm and cozy one

Therapist: Dr. Abby LePage
Location: Washington DC

The rug ties the whole room together making it warm and inviting

Therapist: The Collaborative
Location: NYC

This warm rug provides a cozy center in this loft-like room

Therapist: InTouch & Motion
Location: Chicago, IL

Unique features

A one-of-a-kind warm wall

Therapist: Koepke Counseling
Location: NYC

Some western flair in West LA

Therapist: Meghan Schafer, LMFT
Location: Los Angeles

Stunning mix of neutrals, textures, and shapes

Therapist: Dr. Alina Gorgorian
Location: Los Angeles

These tall ceilings are truly unique and create a bright and inviting space

Therapist: Dr. Rebecca Harmon
Location: NYC


Therapist: Lauren Stern, LPCC
Location: San Diego

Rooms with a view

Admire the tall trees and greenery

Therapist: Transcend Anxiety
Location: Los Angeles

The cityscape peeks through these beautifully framed windows

Therapist: Dr. Samiha Jallouqa
Location: Chicago